13mm Web Bed

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Web Beds -
  • 4mm - 13 mm web beds available.
  • These high quality web beds are produced on state of the art looms in Great Britain. They have been making them since the 1960's, starting with The Nissen Trampoline Co.
  • Nylon Type 6 webbing is used.
  • Unbreakable Molded Ultramid Polyamid Nylon spring anchor bars are used.
  • Visual markings woven in mat .
  • Recommended for use with high level athletes and top competitors.
  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.
  • The 4mm (1/8" weave) is what is used in Olympic competition. It would offer the most action. These beds are available in wider weaves up to 13mm which are all acceptable for competition (4mm (approx 1/8"), 5mm x 4mm, 6mm x 4mm, 6mm (approx 1/4"), 13mm (approx 1/2")