PowerTrac Power Incline

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The PowerTrac Power Incline is a great tool for training back handsprings. The incline essentially works just like a foam incline wedge on the floor except that the athlete can get a bounce push-off to help with the skill. Standing on the incline and pushing off forces the athlete to push back instead of up, teaching a long fundamentally correct body-length handspring.

The Power Incline is easy to add to an existing frame and gives your coaches dozens of options for training new skills.

The Power Incline is constructed of strong durable steel, finished with a durable black powder-coat paint. All floor contact points of the PowerTrac Power Incline are cushioned by tough rubber feet. Frame padding is 1.25” x 12” cross-linked foam wrapped in our best 18 oz. vinyl. The Power Incline requires a stationary platform like our 28" H x 24" w x 84" long end block.