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Premier Vault Trampoline

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Product Overview

The Premier Vault Trampoline has the same profile as AAI® Vaulting Boards and is used for levels 1-4, P.R.E.P. optional athletes and team gymnastics to learn and work on vaulting exercises.

  • Vault trampolines give the gymnasts a significant advantage of power, allowing them to work repeatedly and comfortably
  • Trampoline beds are fully attached to the padding to help prevent injury
  • Uses 6" (15cm) music wire springs that are plated to prevent rust
  • 1 ¼" (32mm) thick padding covered with compliant vinyl is attached to the frame with hook and loop fastener
  • Adjustable rear legs to three different heights: 13", 14" and 15" (33cm, 36cm & 38cm)
  • Front can also adjust to lower the bed to sit on the floor
  • Frame pads included


Item Numbers

  • 405-115 - Premier Vault Trampoline - weight 75lbs (34kg)