Skakun run-up (36' 1" x 3'3.37")

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United Athletic International is the exclusive dealer of Skakun Original Acrobatic Rod Floors in the United States.

The Skakun FIG floor system comes as a complete set, including the run-up, the rod floor sections, and the rod floor surface. Landing mat system sold separately.

Dimensions - 84' x 6' 6.75"

The tumbling floor consists of 21 sections (6' 6.75" x 3' 11.638"), made of high strength steel supports and rectangular fiberglass rods covered with plastic pressure distributors.

The run-up is 36' 1" x 3'3.37"

The landing mats are 19'8.22" x 9'10.11" x 30 cm

Skakun floors come with 84' x 6' 6.75" x 2.165" carpet bonded foam.

Skakun is considered to be the elite rod floor in the world.

Custom lengths are available.

Skakun power tumbling floors have gone under a lengthy testing in one of the best acrobatic clubs in the world - the Vasily Skakun school of Acrobatic Jumps. Skakun only brings the best products to market that can handle the riggers of elite training. The revolutionary pressure distributors designed by Skakun gives the floor a greater re-bound giving athletes an enhanced experience resulting in greater performances. The pressure distributors save wear and tear on the carpet bonded foam giving cost saving benefits over other rod floors on the market.



Skakun rod floors being used at the Dallas Cup January 2020                                                                                                             Skakun rod floors at the WOGA Classic 2020


Skakun flooring sections are made with high strength steel frames and fiberglass rods topped with plastic pressure distributors. They use high density 2.5" foam for quick rebound and safety.



In 2014, Skakun received its FIG certificate for their Original acrobatic track.