4' x 6' x 8" Training Mat

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8" Training Mats

Training mats are designed for giving extra protection and confidence when learning new skills. Two thicknesses are available - 8'' and 12''. The 8'' thick 44ILD polyurethane is used when limited protection is required, and/or when the student has achieved a skill level to the point where they will be consistently making feet-first landings. The 12'' polyurethane foam with a softer 36ILD gives more protection; however, this should be used only after the student has demonstrated some reliability of making feet-first landings in a training pit. 
Both thicknesses of foam should be used with spotter assistance to assure 
feet-first landings.

Covers are made with rugged 18 oz. knife- coated vinyl fabric, double stitched, extra vinyl binding on edges for abrasion resistance, breather bars on sides, and handles on all sides for easy handling.